Rachel Kevern(non-registered)
I'm an art student and stumbled across this by accident, really beautiful stuff. I'm also an actor and am in a show at the moment where all of the boys come on as drag queens in the finale - I'll definitely be showing them your portraits for some inspiration! Stunning stuff.

Nadine Saacks(non-registered)
Truely breathtaking amazing inspirational work!!!!
Keep it up!
Sharon Grabin(non-registered)
This is absolutely remarkable.

I've enjoyed this immensely!!!!

I would love to see more!
I absolutely love your work! I couldn't stop looking at them and will take forever in deciding on some to buy! Thank you for sharing such lovely art with the world <3
mesmerizing ! absolutely beautiful. i am not an artist by profession but seeing this work is just astonishing. luv it ! more power to you and good luck in all your endeavours.
Mad Moxie(non-registered)
Amazing photographs! i am an aspiring photographer as well and I enjoy getting inspiration from your photographs! Also check out my photographs on Facebook… my page is called themadmoxie! Let me know what you think!

Best wishes from Mississippi!
Xoxo Moxie
I am an aspiring photographer. I am always looking for inspiration and new fresh ideas/techniques, and looks like I have found some. Bravo!

Best regards,

I love your old New York work! Thank you so much for sharing.
Amazing! You're really an excellent ARTIST ! Make up, clothing and everything else are simply perfect! Great Job.
amanda j(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing your beautiful artwork. Loved the photos thank you again for sharing! Best wishes for a long photography future!
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